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Dixon Dental OrthodonticsThe role of orthodontics is to align teeth and jaws to improve function and appearance. Having crowded , crooked and protruding teeth can affect confidence and self esteem. Orthodontics can be done using fixed or removable appliances, depending on the problem and patent preference.

Problems can be treated at virtually any age.  Treatment can often be started before a child has lost all their baby teeth, and it can also be very successful for adults.
Paul Dixon has been treating orthodontic problems for over 25 years.  Though not a specialist orthodontist, as a general dentist he has devoted years of study to orthodontics, and enjoys helping people look and feel their best.  He attends regular courses on the subject and uses the latest techniques.

If you think your child has an orthodontic problem or if you would like to find out what orthodontics can do for you, make a time to see Paul.  He will assess your needs and explain the options available to give you a beautiful smile.